2024 Voter Registration Deadlines

With so many elections this year and with different registration methods differing by state, it can be burdensome and confusing to determine when you need to register to vote. Here at Responsive Gov, we wanted to make this process easier — our newest website feature can help you figure out your deadlines for in-person registration, mailing in a registration form, or online registration. Check out our maps below and hover over your state to determine how you can register in your state and when you need to do so by to participate in your federal and statewide elections.

General Election Deadlines

The general election takes place on 11/05/2024

Statewide Primaries

Statewide Presidential Primaries

*Primaries and caucuses run by political parties in states have registration deadlines left to the discretion of the respective party. Please check your party’s website for further details.