Practical Policy Reform

Evidence-Based Solutions

The best policy solutions work backwards from implementation. Creating a more efficient and responsive government requires practical solutions that are informed by evidence and experience and fit the way humans actually interact with agency systems.


Simpler is Often Better

Complexity can doom the best-intentioned policies. A simpler process is easier to implement and more straightforward for agency customers to understand, reducing error and increasing uptake.


User Testing is Key

A process that seems clear and obvious to agency officials and outside experts can often be confusing and clunky to actual customers. User testing helps expose these practical issues, ensuring that a policy actually helps its intended beneficiaries.


Start and End with Implementation

A rushed implementation is a recipe for disaster. While open-ended timelines and moving goalposts are not the answer, policy makers must adopt realistic implementation windows that leave adequate time for testing and troubleshooting before launch.


Gather Data

Policies must be continually evaluated for effectiveness. Collecting and sharing data on the appropriate metrics helps diagnose problems with the policy or its implementation, as well as opportunities for the next generation of reform.

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