Healthcare Coverage

Reducing Red Tape in Healthcare Enrollment

Enrolling in government healthcare programs doesn’t have to be a bureaucratic nightmare. Policy solutions can streamline this process, ensuring that eligible people have access to benefits, and are automatically enrolled in the appropriate programs as their circumstances change.


Streamlined Enrollment

Too often benefit programs require separate applications and multiple copies of the same information. Agencies should work to avoid duplicative processes and offer a single, streamlined enrollment process for all available benefits.


Automated Renewals

States can use agency data to automate enrollment renewals. If an individual continues to qualify for a benefit, the state should make renewal as seamless and efficient as possible, saving the beneficiary paperwork and hassle.


Benefit Handoffs

State healthcare agencies can design systems to efficiently transition beneficiaries between programs when their eligibility circumstances change. This continuity of coverage saves beneficiaries time, protects health needs, and reduces unnecessary roll-off.


Focus on User Interface

Beneficiaries are customers. Systems should always be designed with the end-user and their customer experience in mind. A complex or clunky system reduces uptake, increases the risk of error, and creates frustration with the government.

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