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Very little election-related legislation was passed in Wyoming over the last two years. In 2021, the Legislature passed an anti-voter measure that further restricts voter ID laws, while in 2022, the Legislature passed a pro-voter measure to allow counting of absentee ballots earlier. However, the restrictions on voter ID laws will have a much more significant impact on eligible voters in the state over the pro-voter initiative passed, therefore Wyoming received a C- on this year’s progress report.

Looking Back

Where Wyoming Started in 2020

  • Automatic Voter Registration: No
  • Online Voter Registration: No
  • Same-Day Registration: Yes
  • Restoration of Rights: Some Permanent Disenfranchisement
  • Vote by Mail: No-Excuse
  • Electronic Registration Information Center Member: No
  • Early Voting Opportunities: In-Person Absentee
  • ID Requirements: No Document Required

Relying on the Cost of Voting Index for Wyoming as of 2020, we considered the state a middle tier state for pre-existing voting policy and compared its 2021-22 activity against other middle tier states.

How Our Tier Compares

  • COVI (2020): 26th
  • EPI Score (2020): 45th
  • CLC State Scorecard (2022): 5/10
  • MAP Democracy Rating (2022): LOW

2021: Two Years Ago

Legislative Action

Although the Wyoming Legislature passed only a single election-related law during the 2021 session, sadly it was a restrictive voter ID law.

  • H 75 requires voters to show ID before voting in person. Although voters that lack proper ID may vote a provisional ballot, the law also revises the existing grounds for challenging a voter to include “failure to present acceptable identification” before voting.

2022: This Past Year

Legislative Action

Yet again, only one new election law was passed by the Wyoming Legislature during session. Fortunately this year’s change focused on improving the election administration process for county clerks.

  • H 52 allows county clerks to begin processing absentee ballots the Thursday and Friday before the election.