March 10, 2024

STATEMENT: Institute for Responsive Government Commends the New Mexico Legislature and Governor for Passage and Signage of Elections Funding Bill

The Distribution to Election Fund Bill (SB 108) passes the New Mexico Legislature with overwhelming support and receives signature of approval from Governor Lujan Grisham

SANTA FE, NM — Back in February, SB 108, the Distribution to Election Fund Bill, passed the New Mexico House of Representatives with overwhelming support (59-5), allocating $20 million for conducting and administering statewide elections. The bill passed the New Mexico Senate unanimously on February 8 (41-0). Late last week, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham signed the bill into law. 

“The prioritization to make SB 108 the law of the land from both the New Mexico Legislature and Governor Lujan Grisham exemplifies how elected leaders can put their constituents first and invest in the long-term strength of our democracy by properly resourcing elections,” said Sam Oliker-Friedland, executive director of the Institute for Responsive Government. “Ensuring that election officials have adequate, consistent resources to administer elections is the key to providing the secure, accessible, and efficient elections that voters deserve – in New Mexico and around the country.” 

Passage of the funding bill comes in the midst of a major federal election year, with elections underway in states around the country and New Mexico primaries approaching in June. The Institute for Responsive Government Action was honored to work alongside partners such as the New Mexico Voting Rights Coalition on securing passage of SB 108.

“The Institute for Responsive Government commends the many players who brought this critical bill across the finish line, including the New Mexico Voting Rights Coalition, Secretary of State Toulouse Oliver, House Speaker Javier Martínez, Senate President Pro Tem Mimi Stewart, and Governor Grisham,” Oliker-Friedland added.

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