Voter Experience

Making the Voting Process User-Friendly

Cumbersome registration systems and complex election rules frustrate voters, reduce participation, and waste money. Election rules can and should be designed with real people in mind. Reducing unnecessary burdens and logistical headaches for voters simplifies the path to participation.


Automate Voter Registration

When a clearly eligible U.S. Citizen interacts with the DMV,Medicaid, or another agency that verifies eligibility, the person’s information should be automatically shared with election officials. The person can then be given an opportunity to decline registration, if they wish, or stay on the rolls.


Making Registration Deadlines Easy

Between federal, state-wide, and local election dates, determining registration deadlines can be a confusing and cumbersome process. That's why we made it simple for eligible voters to check their registration deadlines. Check out our user-friendly map tool here.


Online Voter Registration

All eligible voters should have a way to submit registration applications and changes online, instead of through a clunky paper form. Likewise, third-party registration drives should be able to submit forms electronically by using an application programming interface (API).


Mail Ballot Tracking

Using intelligent mail barcodes from the postal service allows voters to track the location and status of mail ballots. With these systems, voters can be alerted of any problems with the ballot and given a clear and efficient way to correct an issue.

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