Election Infrastructure

Ensuring Election Officials Have the Resources They Need

For too long, election officials have been asked to do too much with too little money, with offices around the country relying on out of date infrastructure and insufficient staffing. State and federal budgets should ensure that these local offices and the dedicated election officials who run them have adequate resources to provide secure, accessible, and efficient elections for their constituents.


Funding Fuels Security and Modernization

Election officials need adequate funding to create a secure, user-friendly experience for voters. Funding is the key to an election system that can make necessary technology upgrades, replace outdated equipment, and recruit and retain talent.


Consistent, Regular Funding

Rather than sporadic infusions of funds, election officials should be able to rely on a reliable funding stream, allowing them to plan and budget for upcoming elections with greater certainty.


When elections cover every level of government, funding elections at every level of government

The vast majority of election funding comes from county budgets, funded by local property taxes. Because these budgets can differ dramatically, state and federal funding should step in to help bring greater parity and access, and take the load off of local property owners.


Finding Efficiencies

Adequate and consistent funding allows election officials to invest in more efficient processes. Whether it's launching online voter registration or providing a ballot tracking system, election modernization costs money in the short-run but pays huge dividends for election officials and voters over time.

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